1. Fuck yeah! One badass worker and his beer! D’ough!

    Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to all of life’s problems…

  2. his homer cuz he`s bald and a little yellow? wtf dudes?

    and chog, stop beeing a MAN . stop saying fuck yeah! and what u think is socially accepted as cool… we, men, DO NOT say FUCK YEAH ! at everything. and 2nd of all, we , the men of this planet, don`t whorship alcohol just to say it out loud so pleople can see. answer to all of life`s problems? my god you`re a pussy and trying desperate to compensate it. fuck off little bitch.

  3. This is so cool :D
    P.S: What a flawless speech…! Brava! Encore! I am utterly impressed! Fuck yeah!

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