1. dahf… u`re just trying to impres bamboozasdasdd ? or what? why are u continuosly stupid? and gay i may ad? i mean , i know you`re father abused you , and you`re mother`s a drunk … but get real. life isn`t gonna get better for you if you talk smack about other people. killing you`re self for our grater good is ok you know…

  2. and stop throwing mud at my parents for two reasons:
    1-you’re just another retard found on the world wide web who is trying his best to be stupid and ignorant about other people in his attempt to make some 4-th grade jokes.
    2- my parents are separated, my dad is dead for 6 years, and hell knows what my mother and me have gone through to get ourselves back on our feet.
    that joke doesn’t sound that funny now does it? everyone else would agree that it didn’t sound funny in the first place.

  3. 1to6, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Daft pwned you fuckin little fappin’ troll ass. And besides, I really think you’re a dick.

  4. You’re so damn annoying kid…You just enjoy pissing everybody off, don’t you?

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