1. woah bamboozled doesn’t this make you want to punch a dude in the balls? i mean, i’d shoot the horny fucks who do that to women but i can’t…

  2. Oh, i would too, not to worry Daft.. Howeveer…I am not here to debate about rapists and the bad stuff going on in the world, but to enjoy the irony and humor…:d

  3. @DaftHour
    You’re just pissed off ‘cuz 350.000 guys get some each year, while you only fantasize about it, fapping to rape porn videos.

  4. :-? your “fantasy’s” thing reminded me of 123456 and I still hold a grudge against that little prick. He used to make the same mistake. Quite peculiar…

  5. Ah, no, no. Not at all, good sir. I see how this could be misleading.
    All gals fancy a good rape. ’tis but the desire for additional profit that drives them to act against their gentle provider.
    Bitches always get greedy and want moar. They usually go for the moneh. And we all know how much bitches love them moneh.

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