1. *Loves*
    I know, it’s all of a sudden, but I’m fickle like that.
    I only needed two or three hours. XD

  2. You posted this.
    I found it funny.
    Reminded me that Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
    Downloaded some Ryan Reynolds pictures.
    Then I really wanted to see him in action as Deadpool.
    So I downloaded and watched the movie.
    After which I was like: Deadpool <3
    And then I downloaded the majority of Deadpool comics.

  3. Deadpool from the Wolverine movie has nothing to do with the real Deadpool. Everyone was pissed off that they turned one of the best superheroes ever into a completely new piece of shit.
    Actually, the whole Wolverine movie was a complete fuck up… they fucked up all the characters, the story, everything. But they fucked Deadpool real good.

    If you wanna watch the real Wolverine and Deadpool, check out “Hulk vs. Wolverine”.

  4. FUCK X-MEN Origins: Wolverine. The cocksuckers ruined everything.
    Oh, and yeah, the Deadpool comics are awesome!

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