1. The Chuck Norris absorbs energy from the multiverse and swiftly redirects it into his opponents face using a superbly timed roundhouse kick (e). It Stuns for infinite seconds, causing the targeted foe to take infinite dmg/second, for the time it is stunned. Also when the targeted hero revives, it automatically dies again due to the extreme fear the roundhouse kick caused it, thus making The Chuck Norris the only hero with an ulti that kills you twice. Manacost 0 HpCost 0 Cd 0

  2. So his 1 spell is pasive and all enemy heroes who see him die instantly.2 spell Chuck can change game mode when he pleases(prefered mode is Wtf).3 spell:
    Chuck has no movement speed,he concentartes all of his energy to quickly fly over the entire map.And one more thing,when Chuck killes roshan gives the aegis of emortals to him.Thats why when other heroes kill roshan get the aegis.
    Am I right?

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