1. A friend with breasts and all the rest,
    A friend who’s dressed in leather.


    alice knows him, but he has no breasts=))

  2. You could donate a nice meal to the owner of this fine website of high quality entertainment (and dating services, apparently). :>

  3. Dear Alice,
    Ima tell you who he is: He’s the cliche in every movie: He’s 36 ,living with his mother and 7 cats, almost bald, yellowish transparent skin, googly eyes, huge nails, skinny, shits and pees his pants, smokes his lungs out, fucked up in his childhood, and thus, fucks everything that crawls and makes a hoarse sound everytime he sees sunlight. He spends every Father’s day at Jamaal’s house. He washes the dishes and makes sammiches. He loves his mother. He really loves his mother……

    Or, he could just be a 15 yo poser. He’s more complicated than you’d think, ya know.

  4. ,,Dating on-line“ :i see that meh.ro is turning into something else.that`s a new start i think….neeeaaaahhhhhh

  5. i don’t need a date, i got porn! and 2 hands! 20 fingers and a mouth! and a butthole… that’s just not right…

  6. Un hOMo,get laid,i think you really need that……by the way,i have already a beautiful life don`t worry about me.

  7. @Un Om
    I could be persuaded to give you her personal info, if you’ll give me half the shit you get from her.

    I could be persuaded not to give him your personal info, if you’d give me about tree fiddy.

  8. personal info? you mean my mail ,lol ? that’s all you can know abt. me. or..do you know more? :-s

  9. holy shit…for a moment I thought you were that stupid bitch from MTV Ro. I wish you were , so I can give her/you a little piece of my mind(meth speaking).

  10. thanx ! :D aww… i gone soft :))
    i’d give you all beer and smth. to eat of you’d tell me who you are =))

  11. i have a birthday to participate at , if you all don’t wanna come out and drink a beer with me that’s just fine :P i’m just gonna get drunk by myself lol.
    seriously now,have fun,i’m out for tonite(this is gonna be hard).and nobody here is “hittin'” me !

  12. Geez. meh is slowly but surely turning in to a forum. Negative, I though you said you’ll clean this place up.

  13. Typical.
    You keep asking for it, and then you’re gonna keep bitching about how you got gang raped by a bunch of mentally unstable internet stalkers.

  14. if you’re almost as tall as me, i’d make you a statue and look all day long at it 8-|. i looove tall women! once got hooked up with a 1.81ish and she was really elastic :X gotta love tall women.

  15. Ummm… how’s the weather up there – there – there – here – ere – re – e -e -e?

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